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The Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator Coils


Modular SFC is introducing a novel, lab scale evaporation gadget that allows reliable, sample-safe drying of options that contains radioactive collectively with other toxic compounds at Pittcon 2011 in Atlanta, GA, March 13-18. The Centrifan PE non-public evaporator coils is regularly a centrifugal concentration/evaporation method that produces its non-public drying gasoline flow inside the closed system, eliminating the possible for sample burning and radioactive contamination.

The system's self-generating blow-down modern advances evaporates solvents with out vacuum. The sample vials are carried within center of the centrifugal lover which produces the blow-down gasoline flow which could be directed in the sample to cause evaporation. The Centrifan PE also passes some from the recirculating flow carrying evaporator coils solvent vapors through a chilly trap in which solvent vapor is condensed and collected. on this way, the method condenses the solvent that it evaporates, along using a comparable recirculating quantity of gasoline certainly not leaves the confines from the system. The closed design and design is especially advantageous to chemists operating with radioactive collectively with other extremely toxic compounds.

Centrifugal force through the spinning fan/rotor assembly keeps good examples safe within their containers even although deficiency of vacuum prevents contamination and burning from bumping and splashing. The method eliminates the condition for just about any vacuum pump and even a tremendous provide of blow affordable gas, substantially minimizing cost, complexity, noise, and upkeep in comparison to rotary evaporator coils, vacuum centrifuges, and conventional blow-down equipment. Operators merely fill samples, create the temperature, and near the lid to begin the rotor - no intricate programming is required.

The Centrifan PE is perfect for preparing radiolabeled compounds for mechanism of actions reviews in medicine discovery and diagnostic isotope preparation of injectable solutions. It may be also very helpful to artificial and healing chemists investigating the environmental fate of new compounds along using the toxicology and fat burning potential of a broad range of organisms. An optional off-timer is accessible for stopping the evaporation method to concentrate evaporator coils instead of drying them completely.


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