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  • The reason of refrigerator evaporator leakage and solving methods

    Symptom: refrigerator evaporator leakage. There are five ways to solve refrigerators evaporator leakage. 1.Pickling welding.First blocking evaporator leakage holes,then use sandpaper burnish and wipe around the hole.Dropping a few drops of  rare hydrochloric acid around hole.Wait a moment,add a few drops of darker copper sulfate solution until the hole is surrounded by  copper.Pull ou...

  • The maintenance and modification of the condenser

    1.Replace lengthened condenser coils 2.Water tank and condenser cooling fan circuit modification.If it impact engine cooling,please use thickened water tank.If you want  better cooling,please extend your water tank and make condenser fan and water tank cooling operate together. 3.Strengthen the engine cooling,then modified strengthen water tank cooling and condenser fan. 4.Clean condenser...

  • Air bearing heat exchanger

    U.S. scientists have developed a new technology recently,it is expected to greatly enhance the cooling effect of computer and  microelectronics equipment.Scientists have been apply patent for this refrigeration equipment which can cooling the electronic chip.They  hope it make commercial production as soon as possible. Air bearing heat exchanger was develpoed by U.S. Department of Ener...

  • Plate heat exchanger applications in the food industry

    1.Higher heat transfer efficiency As the gap between the two heat transfer pieces is small,it form the membrane flowing so that two fluids have very high velocity.Because  the heat transfer surface was pressed into the bump ripple,the fluids' speed and direction change suddenly.So the fluids become turbulent  state.Improve the heat transfer coefficient K value. 2.The structure is comp...

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