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  • The Development of heat exchangers

     Heat exchanger as a heat transfer equipment, is widely used in oil refining, chemical, light, and heat exchanger, the city's central heating and other fields. Especially since the 1970s, as the world's growing recognition of the energy crisis, the heat exchanger design, manufacture, structure and heat transfer mechanism of improvement has never been interrupted, national science and te...

  • The car air conditioning condenser should be clean frequently

    Condenser problems will affect the cooling effect. The last few days of sun exposure, many drivers have turned on the car air conditioning. Many drivers said that there has a serious odor in the air condition, and the cooling effect is significantly reduced. Experts pointed out that the air conditioning condenser mold and dust are the main causes of bad odor and  cooling effection. Condense...

  • The way of condenser placing

    Automobile air conditioning condenser is air-cooled condenser.Require forced air flow to spread the heat of the condenser tube surface away. Condenser with good or bad effects is related itself's cooling capacity and ventilation.The former is determined by the structure, size, material and process, the latter driving wind and the size of fan ventilation capacity, condensing device placement and d...

  • Robotic tubing welding connected with heat exchangers

     Harris Arctic Transport Merchandise, Newberg, Oregon, is usually an Us Contemporary society heat exchanger with Kinetic Fitters (ASME)-code retail outlet of which aims at largely within the output connected with cover in addition to tubing warm exchangers. Harris Arctic Transport Merchandise, Newberg, Oregon, is usually an Us Contemporary society connected with Kinetic Fitters (ASME)-c...

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