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  • Common faults of plate heat exchanger

    1.Leakage The performance of leakage is heat exchanger tube have water droplets.Leakage occurs from the sealing among the plates or the inside of leaking tank. 2.Liquid mixture The main features is the liquid from higher pressure fleeing into the low pressure container. It will make the heat exchanger's pressure and temperature abnormally.If the liquid has corrosive,it will cause the pipeline ...

  • The installation and using of the plate heat exchanger

    According to the plate heat exchanger saddle bracket,there are divided into two kinds of installation. The first, for no saddle bracket in support,plate heat exchanger should be installed iracket which built of brick.After installation it need not fix by basic.The whole board change can be fixed with the change of the expansion move freely. The second, to saddle type support board change, should ...

  • Comprehensive portfolio of evaporator coils

    Using the most latest engineering in evaporation science confirmed Dawn EZ-2 sequence has can be found to be considered a favored centrifugal evaporator coils deal with and evaluation laboratories worldwide, possibly over the concentration concerning the good examples or totally dry. The EZ-2 HCl evaporator developing utilization of inert products and corrosion screening help that allow sig...

  • Working principle of three-effect evaporator

    The first evaporator generate secondary steam as the heating source, then introduction to another evaporator coils, as long as the control of the evaporator pressure and the solution boiling point, making it appropriate to reduce, you can use the first evaporator to heat the steam generated by the second. At this point, the first evaporator condensate is that it is the second ...

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